Behemoth, Position Music


A word that a year ago I could only associate with Biology. However…
right now, it is to me one of the most promising sub-genres in trailer soundtrack.

That is the reason why today I can not stop listening to Jack Trammel’s “Behemoth”, the last work from Position Music.

To start with “Stand and become a legend” is a wonderful prologue to start enjoying the first notes of “Tactical Dominance”, which is one of my favourites due to its strength, its sonority and its percussion ensemble. After that, the album loses some of that strength but gains intensity, as it’s the case with “Skies on fire”, whose ending, embedded in the theatrically trailer, won’t leave anyone indifferent. Amongst the noteworthy tracks I would include the one giving title to the album where we can find traces of dub-step, an style which is more and more used in trailers now and it’s able to make incredible songs, quite different from what we are accustomed to listen, provided it’s placed where it should be and well executed.

That said, classical elements, such as the strings, can’t be omitted as we find in the beginning of “Black Horizon”.
I can easily spend days talking about this album, my first and most pleasant surprise in this month but what is best is just listen to it.


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