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Artist Biography
Audiomachine is a production company that specializes in the creation of music for the purpose of movie advertising. Their expertise in sound design has helped them to stand tall amongst any rivals in the market. They have produced some excellent pieces of music since they launched in 2005 and have remained at the forefront of film advertising. Some of the film trailers that have utilised their unique brand of music include the recent success, The Hunger Games and Prometheus.
Audiomachine Epica review
epica from audiomachine
Epica is the latest release from Audiomachine. It features inspiring tracks which have been written by celebrated Audiomachine composer Paul Dinletir. The music on the album varies from sinister to inspiring and like most epic music there is a heavy emphasis placed on orchestra and vocals. But how these two elements are used in music can make the difference between a mediocre track and an outstanding one. Thankfully, Audiomachine have managed to get the balance right. New Earth is a perfect example of a track that utilises a variety of musical elements to good effect from an uplifting choir to a rousing orchestra. Birth is another great piece of music which opens with a vocal harmony that transcends beautifully into an orchestral extravaganza. The piano compliments the piece nicely. Young Blood takes the album in a different direction. This track has more of an electronic feel to it with a thumping drum beat throughout. It certainly has a rock influence which is definitely not a bad thing; in fact it helps it to stand out from the crowd. Fire and Honour carries on with the electronic approach. The music from the Transformers movies would be a close comparison however that comparison doesn’t do the track justice.
Stand out tracks
There is no doubt that Young Blood is one of the best tracks on this album. This is in no small way down to the innovative use of synthesisers. This element adds to the orchestral side of the proceedings. Tribes is another stand out track. As far as epic music goes this track is the atypical slice of that particular genre. It kicks off with an electronic backing beat which is followed by an orchestra which is then followed by a choir. It all works perfectly and once it gets going it never lets go.
Overall opinion
Audiomachine have come up with a true musical masterpiece with Epica and as the title suggests it is indeed epic. It is the kind of music that is emotive and motivational. The music found on Epica has similarities with the music from many films. Despite that analogy, it still contains an air of originality.

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