Audiomachine – Phenomena

rtyrt  Audiomachine has released their next industry release, Phenomena for the motion picture industry. It was released on October 24. There are eighteen main mixes (not counting the no-choir versions), so its great to have an album where there’s a decent number to engage the listening senses. Phenomena was composed exclusively by the highly skilled musician Paul Dinletir.  As seen by previous works from this composer, it seems that the dramatic-esque and concentrated style is the earmark of Dinletir.

Ice of Phoenix is a remarkable track, to say the least. The buildup alone goes for over a minute and smoothly leads into the main section. It has already found use on a video gaming channel known as Lirik O7.  Audiomachine will be releasing new tracks from Phenomena over the coming weeks so be sure to stay tuned to their Youtube page.

**Update: Phenomena will be releasing to the public soon. Stay tuned.**


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