Audiomachine – Millennium Review


Artist Biography
Audiomachine is a music production company that specializes in the motion picture industry, most notably film trailers. Since their formation in 2003 they have rapidly become one of the most highly sort after group of composers in the industry. Their music has featured in such film trailers as Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness to name but a few.
Millennium review
The last Immortal is an excellent opening track with an exciting build up and a suitably epic feel throughout. But does it reflect the quality of the album as a whole. The simple answer is a resounding yes. Millennium, the album track is a spectacular piece of music that has more than a hint of the world of film coursing through it. It has everything from a pounding orchestra to a passion filled choir. Triumph is another heart pounding track, again with emphasis on epic. It builds up excellently with and the music has Pirates of the Caribbean vibe to it. Mission to the Unknown sounds quite eerie for about the first minute but then it develops further into an epic driving tune. The album continues to dazzle with a track called Tempest. From the moment it begins it manages to project so much energy to the listener. The build up is exquisite with orchestra, drums and a choir working in perfect harmony. New beginning leaves you feeling a sense of awe while Beyond the Clouds brings a smile to your face.
Overall opinion
The tunes on Millennium are a treat for the ears. The music is fresh, inventive and inspirational with no room for any filler tracks. That’s one of the great things about this album, just when you think you’ve heard a special piece of music, something better comes along to impress, even enthral.

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