Audiomachine – Helios

Artist Biography
Like many producers of epic music Audiomachine has created exceptional pieces of music since their formation back in 2005. They specialize in the production of music for the motion picture industry with a focus on promotion. Their music has been used in many advertising campaigns for such films as Prometheus, The Cabin in the Woods,The Expendables 2 and The Hobbit


Helios review
The latest album from Audiomachine is a lavish musical treat that oozes quality thanks in part because it has utilized a 175 piece orchestra to bring each track to life. The album features numerous tracks with many of them having multiple versions. The first track on Helios, Colossus is an epic opening to the album. After a slow start it manages to build up the tension with the use of a pounding orchestra and a fear laden choir. This track really sets the scene for the rest of the album. Sol Invictus continues with the amazing sound but this time the music is grand with a positive essence that flows through every note. The quality of the recording really shines through on this track. Sirens of Hyperion has a similar sound to the music from the recent Batman films which gives it an exciting film vibe.

Helios, the title track of the album is a grandiose tune that cements the fact that this is an above par collection. The addition of the extra tracks adds to the longevity of the album although most of them don’t differ that much from the original. 

Stand out tracks
There are plenty of great tunes on this album but of course there are those special tracks that stand out from the rest. The Odyssey is a driving tune with an emphasis on high drama. The riveting orchestra goes hand in hand with the choir. It has everything that an epic music fan could want. Land of Shadows is a highly emotive track, a beautiful tune with plenty of heart. 

Overall opinion
Audiomachine has once again created a tremendous piece of work that captures the essence of cinema. The remix tracks, although not too different from the main tracks do add something special to the proceedings.  Audiomachine has delivered a classic collection of tracks which are a must have for anyone who has a liking for anything epic. 

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