Audiomachine – Chronicles

Artist Biography
In the world of film promotion, Audiomachine is a force to be reckoned with, having produced music for a wide variety of trailers. They have been producing their unique brand of music since 2005 and have not let up when it comes to the quality and quantity of the music that they produce. Some of the trailers that have incorporated their music include The Hunger Games and Prometheus.
Chronicles album review
Chronicles is a compilation of some of the best tracks released by Audiomachine so far. There are a total of 28 tracks on this album making it great value but is there enough here to hold the listeners interest? From listening to the opening track, Guardians at the Gate, it is safe to say that this album is going to be something special. It explodes into the ears with a beautiful choir and a powerful orchestra. This is a dramatic and uplifting track and a great opener. Reaching continues with the upbeat tone but this track has slightly quirky feel to it. The album continues to deliver epic sounding music with every track with nothing to bore the listener. Thankfully the album delivers variety in spades from the slow and soulful House of Cards to the choral beauty of Breath of Life. There are so many great tracks on this album, certainly more than can be mentioned here and it would be easy to think that some have been chucked into the mix to pad it out but that is not the case. Each and every track deserves its place on this album and every one invokes a certain emotion in the listener.
Stand out tracks
Picking out choice tracks from this album is no easy task however there are some that deserve a special mention. Beyond Good and Evil is one such track. It brings a whole new meaning to the word Epic. The orchestra rises steadily throughout and the choir complements the proceedings nicely. There is a vibe to this track that is reminiscent of the recent Batman films. Sands of Time is another track that delivers the goods. It manages to invoke a sense of urgency with the use of a frantic orchestra. Road to Glory also manages to fill the listener with a sense of urgency but this time around the pace is somewhat slower. Path to freedom is an epic sounding track which has a similar intensity to music found in Michael Bay Transformers films.
Overall opinion
This is a great album that delivers quality and quantity. It includes 28 excellent tracks with some beautiful music to entice the listener. From start to finish this album is a joy to listen to and is a great addition to anyone’s epic music collection.

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