Audio Network

Artist Biography
With an expansive catalogue of music to their name, Audio Network has been at the forefront of music production since 2001. Founding members include Andrew Sunnucks and Robert Hurst. The company specializes in the production of music for TV and film as well as for advertising purposes. They are adept at creating a variety of different musical styles from techno and punk to classical and easy listening. What makes Audio Network unique is the amount of musicians who compose music for them which is why they are capable of releasing around 12,000 tracks each year. 
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Music review
Audio Network has a massive back catalogue of quality music to choose from with new tracks being released all the time. Variety is the name of the game and they certainly deliver on that basis. Some of the best tracks include the epic scores which are a delight to listen to. The mix of grand orchestral strings and choir are put to excellent use in their epic scores. Being an experimental music production company, Audio Network has come up with some interesting sounds. One track in particular, Gangsta Symphony, is a mix of two very different music genres, classic and Hip Hop. It really shouldn’t work but it does. The track has a great beat and the classical elements add plenty of depth. The range of musical styles offered by Audio Network is second to none with new albums being released all the time. Their Medieval/Renaissance collection is an example of how diverse their music is when compared with the more popular tracks such as those found in the film styles section.
Stand out tracks
One track that marks the innovative nature of Audio Network has to be the hybrid composition, Gangsta Symphony. It’s an unusual track successfully brings two different genres of music together. Their adventure music library contains some excellent tracks with Super Spy being one of many that stand out from the rest.
Overall opinion
Audio Network is an amazing music production company with so much to offer in the world of TV and Film advertising as well as the average music lover. There is likely to be a genre of music in their collection to suit most tastes. With a vast range of genres to offer and a wealth of composers working on new tracks all the time Audio Network are well worth looking up.

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