Aria Sounds – Creating Good Epic Sounds

1544404_214719945383148_1683710330_aA new trailer music library? Well, not exactly but, trailer music libraries as well as up and coming composers can all benefit from this.  We have many great musical tracks in recent times, and alot of those works can be attributed to the use of sound libraries along with virtual instruments.

Aria Sounds is a  recently established company which produces composition tools, which enable these to be made more accessible to the youngest of composers. Recently, they’ve released three new instrument tools: a solo Cello, classical guitar and french horn. A listener is able to toggle settings on their home page.

You can also hear the demos for this various instruments here:

The best way to describe Aria Sounds would be that they endeavor to offer the most natural sounds of musical instruments while at the same time making these tools available as possible.

Find out more about ARIA at the following links:



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