Future World Music: Armen Hambar Interview


314408_10200763176427065_1743916710_n     Meet the mastermind behind the elegant and epic style of Future World Music – Armen Hambar. Future World Music is known among trailer music fans as marque trailer music library. They have released two albums to the general public as well as over a dozen production music volumes. He spoke with TMV briefly about his music past and what his hopes are for Future World Music.



TMV: How did you become a professional composer?

Hambar: My original goal was to become a film composer; but I realized after a couple of years that the only way I was going to get a shot at scoring a Hollywood movie was being related to a high profile director, producer, etc. In other words, the chances were pretty much impossible since I was a total industry outsider. However, even a Hollywood outsider like me can find a little nepotism. I was introduced to production music by a good friend of mine Eric Caver (introduced to me by my mother of all people) who works at Premiere Radio Networks a division of Clear Channel. So, I wrote for some smaller tv/radio libraries and after a few years of that I was introduced to the world of motion picture advertising back in 2000. After writing some tracks for APM’s Siren Cues series, I decided to start my own library, Future World Music. I still would prefer being a film composer. And, maybe one day when I’m 70 I’ll get to score a major Hollywood movie – if I live that long. 😉

TMV: How did Future World Music come to be?

Hambar: I have a graphics design background and came up with the logo and design while I was working at my day job back in 2003. I thought the futuristic look and feel was complimentary to the company name. I didn’t really put that much thought into it except that music is universal and the logo and design suggests that.

TMV: What is the most enjoyable aspect of producing a track?

Hambar: Those unexpected creations are the most enjoyable and satisfying. The best tracks, for me, are usually written by accident when it’s least expected. When I try too hard to write something it’s more challenging and forced compared to a melody or idea that just comes out of nowhere and flows without pushing too hard.

TMV: What words of wisdom would you have for aspiring composers?

Hambar: Don’t give up!!! I was a late bloomer since I decided to quit my day job back in 2003 and do music full time; I was 38 yrs. old. It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made, life changing. Up until that point I always had a 9-5 job doing something I really didn’t want to do and the dream of doing music full time kept me pursuing it. Also, growing up I used to hear a lot of people tell me to pursue something else since the music business was and is so competitive and very difficult to break into especially if you don’t have any connections. Those discouraging comments made me try much, much harder. I really wanted to prove to those who tried to discourage me, even though their intentions were good, that it can be done if you have enough drive and passion. Also, to all those aspiring composers, it should not be about the money. Do it because you love it and it’s a part of who you are. It was never about the money for me. It was about doing something I loved since life is too short to settle for doing anything less than what you love.

TMV: What exciting upcoming projects/developments are in the works over at Future World Music?

Hambar: I’m working on music for the next Volume 12 industry release as well as another Editor’s Toolkit. Unfortunately, my cervical spine surgery in 2011 really messed things up and delayed releasing upcoming albums which is why there haven’t been as many releases since then. However, after months of grueling physical therapy and rest I’m completely healed and back to normal even though I have to keep doing the physical therapy which is time consuming. Now, the new releases will be more frequent. Sometimes life throws us some tough obstacles and we have to overcome them as challenging as they may be.

TMV: The trailer music genre has become more popular. What are your observations with regards to the future of it?

Hambar: Yes, I’m amazed at how many new libraries have emerged over the past few years. The down side is that the music library industry has become oversaturated and a lot of the music sounds the same. I’ve always tried to keep things as original as possible. A good test is to listen to a track once and if you can’t get that melody out of your head then that’s a great indicator of originality and quality. The upside is that the general public is now so aware of trailer/production music. It used to be such an inside industry thing. I never imagined that our public releases especially “Reign of Vengeance” would be such a success. I only released it because I was getting so many e-mails and messages to release a public album; so, I figured it would be a great way to say thank you to all of the fans. I just released another public release “A Hero Will Rise” which was released for our fans again. I wasn’t planning on releasing another one; but the e-mails and requests were overwhelming.

TMV: Do you have any closing comments?

Hambar: I really want to thank you and others like Trailer Music News for your support. It is very much appreciated and I’m so honored to be recognized among so many talented colleagues, fellow composers and trailer/music libraries. Also, I want to thank all of FWM’s fans and everyone who has contributed to the success of Future World Music over the years. I hope to continue to touch the hearts and souls of our fans with FWM’s music.

All the best to Armen Hambar and FWM! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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