AIR Studios

What is Air Studios?

AIR, which stands for Air Lyndhurst studio was founded by legendary music producer George Martin in the mid 1960s. The studios are equipped with state of the art equipment for a quality recording experience. A good few of the greats of the music industry have utilized the studios to create some of the best known songs in history including Rio by Duran Duran and Ghost in the Machine by The Police. The first studio featured many highlights including two pianos, a 56 channel mixing console and a large selection of soundproof booths.
The legend that is Air Studios has produced some of the biggest albums by the most influential artists in the history of music. Artists such as Elton John have recorded. There has been three studios since the first one opened its doors to musicians in the 60s, Oxford Street, air Montserrat and air lyndhurst studios. the latter is dedicated to the production of music for film and television. Harry potter and the philosophers stone was scored at Lyndhurst by the great John Williams.
Other famous artists who have used the studios to their advantage include Coldplay and George Michael. 152396Trailer music libraries such as Corner Stone Cues which did Air Lyndhurst and Audiomachine which recorded Helios made use of this facility.

Overall opinion

What can be said about the excellent Air Studios other than that they are probably the most well respected music production facilities in the world. Air Lyndhurst studios in particular has been home to some great film composers such as Hans Zimmer and James Shearman. Music for video games has also been composed at the studio.

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