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Adam DiTroia

Adam DiTroia is an award winning composer for games, animation, trailers, film, television, apps, advertising, the web, and much more. His music has seen placements in Man Vs. Food (Travel Channel), The History Channel, Fox Sports, MTV, Flatout Wii, and many others. DiTroia has also recently launched a brand new company, Trailer Music A.D. You can follow the company on Facebook and on the official website of Adam DiTroia.

TrailerMusicVibe asked Adam about his music composition venture and here’s what he had to say.

TrailerMusicVibe: How did you become a composer?
DiTroia:  I come from a very musical family. At a very young age I would go over to the piano and play things I heard on TV. I, like so many others, was influenced by Star Wars. Even before I knew exactly why, I was moved by the score. In my teens I realized composing was what I wanted to do. I started out scoring and doing sound design for indie games, local commercials, and short films. Then I started doing larger games, national/international commercials, many mobile games and apps, and longer films. I started Trailer Music A.D. In October of this year.

TrailerMusicVibe: What are your inspirations?
DiTroia:  My influences are wide ranging. Some of them include: Hans Zimmer, James Horner, John Williams, Sal DiTroia (my father), E.S. Posthumus, many other the other trailer music companies (don’t want to leave any out). And many more.

TrailerMusicVibe: What is your vision for Trailer A.D.?
DiTroia: My vision for Trailer Music A.D. is to provide emotionally charged, epic, powerful music for film trailers, game trailers, TV promos, and more.

TrailerMusicVibe: Do you have any additional comments?
DiTroia: Thank you for interviewing me. I love to see sites like yours! Trailer music is a legitimate genre and it’s only going to get bigger!

TMV would like to thank Adam DiTroia for allowing us to interview him. We want to wish him good success in 2013!

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