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TMV was launched in November 2011. The purpose is to discuss music that is used for film, radio, video game, as well as other forms of media advertising. Most of the music mentioned on this site is primarily used in film trailers.

However, we also strive to go a step further; our  aim is to also  show the impact that trailer music can have on one personally. TMV believes that epic film trailer music doesn’t just fit the bill for media advertising, but that it can also inspire & motivate the human spirit.

It is with this intent in mind that TrailerMusicVibe strives to deliver relevant, exciting, and up-to-date content for visitors and fans alike by way of interview with artists and fans, news, reviews, and much more are all here for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy your time here on TMV and this music will touch your hearts in a way like no other!



Epic Music Forever!

– L.W.