Aaron Sapp Interview

Aaron Sapp is a current composer over at Epic Score. Find out more about him in this interview.

Q) How did you get into production music?

A) I was on a music forum some ten years ago — a production music company announced that they were looking for a couple new composers for an upcoming disc series. I sent them a couple tracks and was picked alongside another composer who I happened to know. Been working for them ever since.

Q) What inspires you?
A) Nowadays it’s hardly a romantic process. For the more straight/melodic stuff, I’ll sit at the piano and start plunkering around until something interesting pops up. I often take my portable recorder and holler at it for a little while. 99% of it is unusable, but I can nurture the usable 1% into something a little more substantial — be it a riff, melodic fragment, or progression. Promo music leans much more heavily on production than composition. I’ll spend a lot of time trying to find interesting ways to process/manipulate the audio to keep the listener interested.

Q) How did you meet Epic Score?

A) I knew Gabe and Tobias for years before I ever submitted anything to Epic Score. I suppose one day I decided I would seriously try my hand at trailer music — I asked Gabe what he thought of my attempt and to my surprise, he picked it up.

Q) Where do you think trailer music will go? 

A) It’s hard to say. From what I’ve heard, an average of two trailer music companies pop up a WEEK. It’s insane. It’s good for the established guys who’ve developed a reputation for churning out quality stuff, but extremely difficult for any newcomers to really get a piece of the pie.

Stylistically it’s all over the place, but there are musical fads that come and go. I think we’re still in the “Inception Blast” stage (low exploding drones repeated ad naseaum). 🙂

Q) Comments?

A) Write, write, write!

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