a good day to die hard

When I heard that “A Good Day To Die Hard” is in cinemas i was a little hesitant as to what the soundrack would be like.

Imagine my relief, when i learned that Marco Betrami had composed the score for second time after five years. The first one was in 2007 for “Live Free or Die Hard”.

Unconventional, the Greek-Italian composer, leaves behind noisy electronic music, usually prefered for adventure movies making the audience leave the room with a terrible headache, and conducts an orchestral but at the same time dynamic sountrack matching perfectly with the movie.





List of songs

01. Yuri Says
02. Getting Yuri To The Van
03. Jack Makes The Call
04. Everyone To The Courthouse
05. Court Adjourned
06. Truckzilla
07. Yippie Kay Yay, Mother Russia!
08. Truckzilla
09. Father & Son
10. To The Safe House
11. Regroup
12. Leaving the Safe House
13. Getting to the Dance Floor
14. Too Many Kolbasas On The Dance Floor
15. What’s So Funny?
16. McClanes Get The Bird
17. Scumbags
18. Entering Chernobyl
19. Into The Vault
20. Rubbed Out At The Spa
21. Sunshine Shootout
22. Get To The Choppa!
23. Chopper Takedown
24. It’s Hard To Kill A McClane
25. Triple Vodka Rhapsody
26. McClane’s Brain

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61UqRmDjwgc

You can listen to the soundtrack here: https://soundcloud.com/#sony-soundtracks/sets/die-hard-5

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