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Jackdaw Factory – The Awakening

Jackdaw Factory has released ‘The Awakening’. Here is the promo:

The Awakening is collection of Epic Hybrid Orchestral Cues by composers. Christian
Ugenti, Daniel Gardner Berry, David Butler, Dmitry Mityukhin, Franck ancelin, Frank
Romeo, Kyle Booth, Martin Cap and Mohammad Ilyas Butt.

The Darkest Sun by Christian Ugenti starts with traditional percussion sounds.There are few gaps as are present in many trailer cues, and lead you into the next segment of the track.The Siege byDavid Butler , gives the impression of a stealth operation being carried out.

If you wish to license their music please use this address: contact@jackdawfactory.com and also follow them on Facebook.

Interview with Adam Brown of Dual Motion Music

Dual Motion Music is a company that writes original music for trailers, films, video games, commercials and any other forms of media. They strive to be different and innovative; usually working with more than one composer on a project. Dual Motion will also be releasing through Cypher Trailer Music, run by Rob Oxenbridge. The main writing team is made up of a small group of writers for Cypher Music.

Dual Motion has a lot of experience in the industry and are always taking on new exciting projects! They have associations with AIR Studios, the English Session Orchestra and work directly with several professionals in the Hollywood film industry. There are also many other projects that they are working on such as commissions and production music.

Brown answered some questions from TMV.

What led you to form this new company?

The idea is for the company to be collaborations rather than solo works…so me and four others contribute to albums but two composers write each track rather than one! We want to be a bit out there and different.

So writing together we can keep it fresh and ex citing.

How have collaborations gone so far?

It’s the first group collaboration

 Who’s your biggest trailer music influence ?

Influences are anything that is big and memorable.I think we will have a focus on the dark side of things on the whole for the next few albums but the first is very broad bin terms of styles and emotions.

Immediate Music and Really Slow Motion are two companies that I’ve worked for and who also receive the most placements.

Two Steps From Hell are the most well known of course.

Stay tune for more info from Dual Motion and Cypher!




WCPM Appoints New Production President

Warner/Chappell Production Music is proud to announce the promotion of Aaron Gant, a 25-year veteran in the industry, to Senior Vice President of Production.
Aaron’s commitment to the company and creativity in finding and delivering new music and artists to our clients are incredible assets to Warner/Chappell Production Music,” says President and CEO Randy Wachtler.  “I appreciate the production team’s dedication to unparalleled quality.”
In the role, Gant oversees news music, custom projects, catalog production and studio operations at the Warner/Chappell Production Music studios in Nashville.  He previously served as the Vice President of Production.
“I am excited to continue and further my contributions alongside the outstanding team here at Warner/Chappell Production Music,” says Gant.
Gant began as an intern and rose to recording engineer at Non-Stop Productions.  He transitioned to Nashville in 2000 to work for 615 Music.  His role expanded to Producer and then Vice President of Production before 615 Music was acquired by Warner/Chappell in 2010.
Traversing through Producer and VP of Production roles with the company, he joined the Warner/Chappell Production Music team when it purchased 615 Music in 2010.

Two Steps From Hell – Vanquish Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these–so without further ado, let’s begin.

In the months prior to the release of this album, there was much anticipation among TSFH fans on Facebook regarding this release. It had seemingly been ages since the release of Battlecry and as you can well imagine, once the official artwork was teased. Once it released, there were those who were no doubt excited now that they could have access to another “gem”. However, there were quite a number of others who voiced their seeming “disapproval” of this latest album, even to the time that I have written this post.

I have yet to see anyone who says this is “the best album yet”. So, what is my personal view or opinion, since that is all it is at the end of the day? Read on to find out. this latest release Vanquish.

Is there a best track on this album? Hmm, I’m not sure that I would say a ‘best track’ but there are certainly good tracks that are worth more than one listen. One of those is track #2 Pegasus by Thomas Bergesen. The track begins with a nice string introduction and a flowing female vocal by Felicia Farrere. The rhythm of the track does remind one of the creature flying through the air against the backdrop of the shining sun.

The title track ‘Vanquish‘ is a peculiar sounding one. The overall message of this song is despite the previous pains of the past, that it is possible to vanquish or get rid of those and push onward to the future. New World Order is more of an ominous tone..it evokes imagery of the phrase that is often heard in conspiracy theory circles and the like. Enchantress is another track that has a nice melody. It’s one of the longer tracks on this album, but the way it is written and conducted makes you want to stay and hear the whole track through.

This is my humble view but by all means, don’t take mine or anyone else’s word for it. LIsten to it for yourself and then form your view.

The album is available for purchase on iTunes.

Epic listening!


Warner Chappell cranks out new catalog


Contact: Mark Logsdon
Phone: (615) 327-0100
Email: mark.logsdon@plamedia.com


NASHVILLE, TN (January 10, 2017) – Warner/Chappell Production Music, Warner Music Group’s production music department, proudly announces that the renowned CPM Music Library is available for licensing immediately in the US and Canada. Warner/Chappell Production Music first took ownership of the catalog in 2010, and has since represented the collection outside of the US and Canada. With the addition of the US and Canada, Warner/Chappell Production Music now represents CPM worldwide through its global offices and sub publishing relationships.

One of the largest and most respected production music catalogs in the world, CPM, formerly Carlin Production Music, is comprised of over 40,000 tracks spanning three series: main series, archive series and classical series.

Produced by Warner/Chappell Production Music’s own London production team, CPM got its start in 1988 and has grown its reputation since, gaining a following based on its wide range of musical genres and high production standards.

“CPM has a long history and contains a wealth of versatile music across every genre imaginable,” said Warner/Chappell Production Music President & CEO Randy Wachtler. “We are extremely proud to represent such a well-regarded production music catalog across the US and Canada, and look forward to building on its already fantastic reputation.”

The CPM catalog has been licensed around the globe for many clients including Major League Baseball, Spongebob Squarepants, Dell, Geico, Armani, and more. The Armani spot can be viewed here:

About Warner/Chappell Production Music
Warner/Chappell Production Music is a worldwide leader within the production music industry, with over 35 years of experience and success. It unites many of the most successful and respected independent brands in production music, including 615 Music, Non-Stop Music, Gari Music, Groove Addicts, V – The Production Library, and many others. The brands comprising Warner/Chappell Production Music have been the recipients of many industry awards, including multiple Emmys®, Tellys, ADDYs and Promax honors.
Warner/Chappell Production Music is a proud part of Warner Music Group, home to a collection of the best-known labels in the music industry, including Atlantic Records, Elektra, Fueled By Ramen, Parlophone, Rhino, Roadrunner, Warner Bros. Records as well as Warner/Chappell Music, one of the world’s leading music publishers, with a catalog of more than one million copyrights worldwide.

Website: www.warnerchappellpm.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WarnerChappellPM
Twitter: @WCProdMusic
YouTube: WarnerChappellPM


Interview with Composer Kris Dirksen


Meet composer Kris Dirksen who has scored for a few television shows as well as hundreds of film and TV trailers. He answered a few questions with regards to his style of music composition and so on.


What inspires you to compose your unique style of music?

We’ve always tried to look outside of film and trailer music for our inspiration. So much of that world is about emulating whatever the popular sound of the day is, it seems like you’re constantly chasing your tail. There are enough Hans Zimmer sound-alikes in the world, that world has never interested me and I’m not that good at it to be honest. We’ve been more informed by the bands and artists we like, which is probably why we sound like a bad Massive Attack/Mogwai cover band.

-You have scored hundreds of trailers. Which few stand out to you and why?

Our material always seems to be a good fit with David Fincher’s movies, those projects always seem to turn out well. One recent memorable project is the ethereal trailer for Jackie that my brother, Nicolas Dirksen, scored. He started off as my assistant and has developed into a great composer with his own sound. I’ve been getting more joy lately out of mentoring and guiding new composers and seeing their work pay off.

– What convinced you that composing was a future career path?

It was something I stumbled upon more than anything, I had no intention of becoming a composer. I went to law school, and ended up starting a music publishing company after graduating, getting various artists’ music into film, TV and video game projects. I started getting opportunities to write spec, custom music for trailers but could never motivate the musicians I worked with to jump on those opportunities, so I taught myself how to write trailer music at night after work on my laptop. After a couple of years of that my music eclipsed that of that the bands I worked with and I started composing full-time with my company Methodic Doubt Music.

– Are there any upcoming projects?

Yes, unfortunately it’s too early in the game to announce them. Check out my last project

Quarry, which just aired on Cinemax/HBO and is on iTunes as of last week.

– How do you approach your work when you're composing for a movie trailer? Movie or TV show?

Trailer music is like a sledge hammer, the focus is almost always on making it bigger, bolder and more brash. TV and movies are more of a delicate, restrained approach where you’re forced to make the music play nicely with dialog and sound. They’re both challenging in their own way.

Thank you to Kris for taking the time to give us some insight into his work!

Warner Chappell Production – New Music Catalogs Press Release

Warner/Chappell Production Music is proud to announce the debut of its new Color TV and Elbroar catalogs.  Color TV is comprised of German composer Curt Cress’ nearly 14,000 track collection from Curt Cress Publishing GmbH, and its sister company F.A.M.E. Recordings Publishing GmbH. Color TV and the Elbroar catalog, also from Germany, are available for licensing now.
Color TV is a comprehensive library that brings to life a wide range of TV production styles, with the initial release including nine albums:
  • Panoramic Landscapes
  • Simply Happy
  • Quirky & Eccentric
  • Piano Moods
  • Chase & Surveillance
  • Secret Service
  • Actionism
  • Drama Cuts
  • Crime Scene
Following the initial release, Warner/Chappell Production Music plans to release two new compilations from the catalog every two weeks. Color TV is available for licensing worldwide, excluding Italy and France.
“We are extremely proud to have gained access to the talented works of Curt Cress and to launch Color TV,” says Warner/Chappell Production Music President Randy Wachtler. “Curt’s unique talents have been featured in film and television broadcasts in Germany and we are excited share this catalog internationally.”
Elbroar, hailing from Hamburg, Germany, is a state-of-the-art collection ranging from epic to minimal, jazz to techno and drama to fun.  The catalog serves creatives in the fields of television, film and advertising, with a strong focus on trailers and daytime TV.  The catalog’s first release, “Epic Fairy Tales,” is an album of orchestral arrangements that set the scene for fantastic stories and epic emotions.  Elbroar is available for licensing immediately, worldwide.
About Curt Cress
German composer Curt Cress began his musical career in the 1960s, performing in acts such as Klaus Doldinger’s Passport and Snowball, as well as in Falco and Udo Lindenber’s bands.  His solo projects involved work with local and international artists including Freddie Mercury, Tina Turner, Rick Springfield, SAGA, Meat Loaf and Scorpions, as well as releasing his own solo material. He made a name for himself as a composer for popular German films and hit TV series such as SK KölschHeliCops and The Red Mile, with many of his works now featured as background music in an average of 25 leading German TV programs every year.
About Warner/Chappell Production Music
Warner/Chappell Production Music is a worldwide leader within the production music industry, with over 35 years of experience and success. It unites many of the most successful and respected independent brands in production music, including 615 Music, Non-Stop Music, Gari Music, Groove Addicts, V – The Production Library, and many others. The brands comprising Warner/Chappell Production Music have been the recipients of many industry awards, including multiple Emmys®, Tellys, ADDYs and Promax honors.
Warner/Chappell Production Music is a proud part of Warner Music Group, home to a collection of the best-known labels in the music industry, including Atlantic, Elektra, Fueled By Ramen, Rhino, and Roadrunner, as well as Warner/Chappell Music, one of the world’s leading music publishers, with a catalog of more than one million copyrights worldwide.
For additional information, visit www.warnerchappellpm.com.

A-List Music – Annihilator by composer Steve E. Williams

Annihilator from music library A-List Music has been released. The artist behind this work was composer Steve E. Williams.

Here is a preview of the Annihilator release :


According to the YouTube description:

This album packs an extreme musical sound design journey into a world created from decimating, pounding, pulsing electronics, heavy swagger rock, orchestral hybrids and ethereal vocals. Annihilate with massive impacts, huge bass stabs, raging build-ups, hard rock guitars, bass and drums, sweeping synth atmospheres, deep pulses, edgy risers and vocal phrases. Warning: Use of these tracks creates unnerving tension, adrenaline-rush and epic suspense!

The second one is a preview of Annihilator Tools:


It’s described as:

Decimating, pounding, pulsing electronics, heavy swagger rock, orchestral hybrids and ethereal vocals. Massive impacts, huge bass stabs, raging build-ups, hard rock guitars, bass and drums, sweeping synth atmospheres, deep pulses, and edgy risers.

A-List Music website:



Steve E. Williams is a television, trailer, film and ad composer, producer and keyboardist. He has written music for the motion picture and television advertising campaigns of Disney/Marvel “Ant-Man”, Warner Bros. “The 33″, CW “Arrow”, “Reign”, ABC “Agents of SHIELD”, “American Crime”, “Nashville”, CBS “Elementary”, “NCIS”, “Criminal Minds” & “Blue Bloods”. Williams’ television credits include “The Game Awards 2016”, “48 Hours”, “A Current Affair”, “CBS Sports Spectacular”, National Geographic Wild, Discovery ID, NBC’s “Life”, “Jeff Probst Show”, MSNBC “Your Business” and extensive contributions to the sound of the BBC, ESPN, CBS, Fox, Warner as well as various documentaries including the CNN special “Voices of Auschwitz” featuring an interview with Steven Spielberg.

Williams’ unique sound can be heard on Billboard Top 100 singles and Top 10 club remixes.  His diverse career includes teaming up with platinum artists and major songwriters as well as receiving five district ADDY and two Communicator Awards for trendy advertising music. His work has helped shape the brand identities of Saab, Mattel, Sears, Levi’s, Nokia/Vertu, Nissan, PF Changs, Chevy, the Dr. Phil Show, and more.

Interview with Gothic Storm

Below is an interview with the owner along with several composers of the music library known as Gothic Storm. They present some background as to the beginnings of their composing with GS as well as other influences etc.


First up, owner/composer Dan Graham:


– How did you first break into the production music industry?

In 2004 my band had split up and I was unemployed. I had to decide between music and a regular job so I just Googled “ways to make money out of music” and saw production music as an option so I decided to record 10 solo piano tracks and send them to any related email address I could find. I sent out emails and demos to maybe 2,000 people in a month and got 3 good jobs from that so I suddenly needed to write 50 piano tracks which was a bit complicated but one thing led to another and I didn’t have to do much self promotion after that.

By 2010 I was earning enough royalties to invest in my own company so started Gothic Storm.

– What has inspired GSM to create your particular style of trailer music albums?

I think that because I started from a more TV-focused area where clients need the albums to be very well categorized I immediately recorded every album with its own genre or style. So it was a case of just deciding the overall theme – emotional, fast, euphoric, adventure and then asking writers to work within that, while writing very elaborate briefs to inspire them.

Doing it this way means that every album has its own style, and hopefully writers are using their imagination and being original instead of just copying other trailer music.

– What’s it like to have an array of talent to have worked on with you in the production process?

It’s great to have a team working on every album – everyone has their own style. I think I’m lucky to have found such amazing writers and it’s always great to hear something as good or better than I could have done.



– What were your most favorite aspects of creating this album?
Working with the massive strings and choirs recorded in Vienna was a cool experience and having the artistic freedom to do a Hybrid Remix with almost no limitations.

– How did you first get involved with Gothic Storm?
Through Chris Haigh. I have been a YouTube supporter of his for a while and he scouted me out to do some Hybrid Remixes for him. Also met Dan through a Skype call that I won through a Charity auction. He also gave me a cue to remix. Was a real honor and a great experience!

Short bio:

Based in Australia, Darius Moldovan (better known as Mythix) specializes in music for film, television, and video game advertising. With fifteen years experience in music production, and performance, from Classical to EDM, Mythix manifests this experience through his compositions with his hard-hitting, aggressive, hybrid orchestral signature sound birthed from his epic music studio.




-Every Gothic Storm album is special because strings and choir are recorded live, and it really raises the quality a lot! It´s very exciting to see a track come to live once you hold the printed scores in your hands. This album was very special for me because I had the great pleasure to produce the live recordings with the Vienna Session Orchestra. Every musician had a lot of fun and I think you can hear that in the final product!

-Dan asked me some time ago if I want to write a piece for a new label he just created, The Library Of The Human Soul. I ended up doing two tracks for the first album and since then, I enjoyed working with him on many great projects.

My name is Christoph Allerstorfer and I´m a composer and audio engineer. I´m making music since I was a child and I played in various bands. I was always a huge film music fan and after I finished studying audio engineering, I built my own studio and started writing music for movies, television and trailers.


Johnathan Sharp


– What were your most favorite aspects of creating this album?
As a remixer, having the opportunity to work with such amazing material.

– How did you first get involved with Gothic Storm?
As a result of doing product demos for the Gothic Instruments line.

Bio :
Classically trained musician, though not that you’d notice. He spent way to long making noisy industrial albums before stumbling into library music entirely by accident. More recently he has discovered all that noise making actually fits rather well into making trailer music.



What were your most favorite aspects of creating this album?

Well, it’s always good to challenge yourself and see how far you can push out of your comfort zone but to me, I guess the most rewarding aspect is working with live musicians, that is having live strings and choirs at your disposal, so to say. Nothing beats writing for real musicians and knowing that they would surely elevate your music to the next step.

– How did you first get involved with Gothic Storm?

At one point I’ve had the wonderful chance to write a couple of tracks for Gothic Storm’s sister label, The Library Of The Human Soul. Next, Dan (Graham) offered me to do one track for Gothic Storm’s Epic Emotional album. It all went upwards from there I guess.


kk-What were your most favorite aspects of creating this album?
-As a remixer I enjoyed working with the great themes and re-envisioning them to create an all new hybrid animal. It’s very inspiring for me personally to be able to morph material and watch it grow into my own vision. It feels more freeing and creative sometimes than starting from scratch. Especially working with such awesome writers it’s been a pleasure to do.

– How did you first get involved with Gothic Storm?

-My first Gothic Storm experience was a doing a rock remix for Gothic Action Rock several years back. It was the first remix and first trailer piece I had ever done. Since then I’ve had the privilege of producing more remixes and providing original pieces for multiple projects.

Kyle Kniceley is a Sound Designer and Hybrid Music Producer who’s focus is on the dynamics of emotion, energy and mood. Along with traditional genres and modern techniques his work often fuses elements of the Nature, Orchestra, Rock, Industrial, EDM and Pop in new and unique ways. Creating sounds ranging from ethereal ambient atmospheres to skull crushing hybrid trailer cues.

Hummingbird Productions News







Nashville, TN, October 24, 2016 — Hummingbird Productions, a renowned, multi-award winning film and sound production company which has built its reputation as one of America’s leading producers of commercials, sound design and original music, has achieved a truly rare accomplishment – it’s 40thAnniversary milestone this month. The company’s celebratory party was held at the company’s headquarters in Nashville on October 20, 2016.


Founded by iconic advertising industry ad man and music composer Bob Farnsworth in 1976, the company has established itself as the longest standing music commercial house in Nashville, TN, and the Southern U.S. Hummingbird Productions is the second oldest such company in the nation.


Regarding his company’s 40th anniversary, Farnsworth said, “I am ridiculously thrilled and delighted to have been spearheading Hummingbird Productions for four decades! Our team and I have worked with the most wonderful creatives in the world on thousands of national, regional and local campaigns for every conceivable product, service and brand across every media platform. I consider myself blessed to have reached this milestone, both on a professional, as well as a personal, level.”


Farnsworth’s encouragement to the artistic world is this: “I think I have made about every mistake there is to make on this journey, from my first commercial, which was so crazy that I literally got thrown out of the agency, to falling off the Conductor’s Podium – flat on my face – in front of the entire Philadelphia orchestra while rehearsing the commission I had composed for them. But… you just have to get up (literally in that case) and keep on going, because someone out there loves you.”


Seen in accompanying Group Photo, Hummingbird Productions Team Members: Joshua Stark, Michael Carnes, Evan Weaver, Dylan Steppeler, Haley Bussell, Aaron Howard, Bob Farnsworth, Kimberly Kolber, Chris Esposito, Willo Collins, Karen Espenant, and Matt Thompson.


Farnsworth is presently working on a book, entitled “40 Years On Music Row.” His book will be a collection of his strange experiences that demonstrate how – much like in sports – “It ain’t how many times you get knocked down. It’s how many times you can get back up.” Concurrently, Farnsworth will soon be launching, on November 1st,”Bobcasts,” a brand new online blog and podcast series which will present “crazy, funny and poignant stories that all relate to the idea of perseverance.” The entries featured within “Bobcasts” will be culled from chapters of his upcoming book.


Hummingbird Productions, which, in addition to its history of providing original music and sound design also produces commercials, web content and corporate communications, spearheads these projects by integrating its team of directors, sound designers, and its music group, using the Hummingbird’s FUSIC production process, which integrates the sound and music from the VERY INCEPTION of an idea through to the end.


Hummingbird boasts membership in the Clio Hall of Fame for its Budweiser “Frogs” commercial – renowned as one of the Top Ten TV spots of all time – and its many other award winning ads for companies like Coca-Cola, Dodge, Oscar Meyer, Wrigley’s gums, Kellogg’s, Target, and a host of other international, national, regional and local businesses. The Clios are the esteemed international awards for the creative business, founded in 1959 to celebrate high achievement in advertising that pushes boundaries and establishes new precedent. Hummingbird is renowned in the industry as a leader of that charge, winning awards year after year throughout the course of its forty-year history.

Expanding upon his unique business style, Farnsworth adds, “Basically, we take a team approach to every project by bringing together directors, sound designers and composers to work in tandem throughout the production process. Historically, everyone has tended to be compartmentalized. With what we call our FUSICprocess (the fusion of film and music), we bring everyone around the same table, right from the very beginning.”


Hummingbird’s goal for future TV and web advertising campaigns is to create true moments of FUSIC: to strive for at least one such moment in every piece of ilm and music work they do. Hummingbird demonstrates their FUSIC process dramatically – and regularly, around the United States – with directors who” think audio” and with composers who” think visuals,” and with content creators who always start a project with the importance of sound at top of mind.



Among Hummingbird’s recent FUSIC projects are:


** Dolby Atmos: Dolby’s promotion of Dolby Atmos is the newest technology of speakers for movie theaters. Hummingbird was chosen to carefully integrate – or “Fuse” – sound with promotional video, directed by Hummingbird’s Garrett Nantz. Dolby took this promotional video all over the world to demonstrate the best audio visual movie theater experience possible. Hummingbird created the con- summate FUSIC piece, blending multi-directional sound and top quality video. Please see:  https://vimeo.com/116592767


** “I Am Israel” documentary: Hummingbird has teamed with its award winning director David Kiern to score the entire score for this documentary, which the Knesset plans to air for the 50th anniversary of the Unification of Israel. Hummingbird has scored two other full documentaries with Mr. Kiern, including “Journey to Everest” and “Living Hope.”  See: David Kiern’s Missions reel: https://vimeo.com/105199225 and “Journey to Everest” Trailer: https://vimeo.com/25041130


** St. Thomas Hospital system (Clio Award nominee): Hummingbird’s full orchestra score was a major contribution in the BOHAN Agency winning Gold in the Addys, and also being a Clio Award contender for this “Nothing Shall be Impossible” campaign. The remarkable thing about this project was that the visuals were almost entirely still pictures. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJTuc50-POE


** “Cuba 2016 From the Back of a Van: Before The American Invasion:” This “documentary in progress” was actually filmed while Hummingbird was working on another project in Cuba. The doc presents a visceral reaction to Cuban communism’s detriment to its people. See:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rswIiMtY5U




Bob Farnsworth graduated from Furman University in 1974, and was signed as a recording artist with ABC Records that same year. Providence kept him in Nashville, where he has spent the last 40 years building Hummingbird Productions. Farnsworth and Hummingbird have worked with innumerable and diverse artists, from Dolly Parton to Arlo Guthrie, from Ray Charles to Stevie Ray Vaughn; and with venues ranging from the Philadelphia Orchestra to the London Symphony, and organizations ranging from the United Way to the United Nations.


Farnsworth performs and lectures across the country about advertising, FUSIC, and the power of sonic branding. At present he has five upcoming FUSIC talks scheduled for presentations in Memphis, Nashville, Madison, WI, and Mississippi. In 2014, he delivered a well-received TedX Talk entitled “Hearing is Believing” in Colorado. And he has also discussed the topic of FUSIC in New Orleans. Pls see:



In 2010, Farnsworth appeared on “The Today Show” as an industry icon. He has also been a speaker at the annual American Ad Federation Conference. He tackles tough issues on advertising, branding and ROI with a sense of joy that is infectious and exciting.




Founded in Nashville, TN, in 1976 by Bob Farnsworth, Hummingbird Productions brands itself as a “One Stop FUSIC Shop.” The company, historically one of the longest standing providers in the United States of original commercial, sound and music for the entertainment and advertising industries, also includes a team of film directors who have committed their future films to incorporating his unique design concept.


While Hummingbird is perhaps best known for its iconic Budweiser “Frogs” spot, its music also has been featured in such memorable advertising campaigns as Oscar Meyer’s “My Bologna Has a First Name,” “Always Coca-Cola,” and Wrigley’s “Double Double Your Refreshment.” Hummingbird’s sound designers, lyricists and composers also create original music for feature films/short films/documentaries, TV programs, soundtracks, web videos, radio commercials, video games, and more.


In addition to its Clio Hall of Fame Award for Budweiser “Frogs,” Hummingbird is the winner of numerous additional Clio and Lions Awards. The company, an acknowledged leader in the field of audio and sonic branding for the past 40 years, also offers music publishing, music licensing and music search services, all while actively working with artists from around the world.


Hummingbird Productions is located at 1521 Graybar, Nashville, TN, 37215. The phone is 615-385-3729and the website is: www.hummingbirdproductions.com


Media Contact:

Dan Harary

The Asbury PR Agency

Beverly Hills, CA