Artist Biography
8Dawn is a production company that specializes in the creation of dramatic music for the purpose of film promotion. They are also adept at putting together music for TV advertisement. With an impressive portfolio to their name including music used for such film trailers as Pirates of the Caribbean and Tomb Raider. The man behind the music is composer Troels Folmann. He had received numerous awards for his work including TEC award for best music of the year.
The music of 8Dawn
To date 8Dawn have released four very different albums, with each one focusing on a particular musical style.
2s3xy (Cinematic R&B)
The first album released by 8Dawn is a curious collection of epic sounding tracks with more than a hint of R&B. This album is an unusual fair with a great use of different musical styles. The album doesn’t get off to a great start as the first track seemed somewhat bland however the second track, Into Me, picks up the pace with a steady beat and a cool synth sound. The rest of the album remains pretty much on this level. It is not one the better albums available but it’s worth checking to find out what epic music sounds like when mixed with a slice of R&B.
Torn (Emotional Rock)
This album delivers 15 uplifting tracks with an emphasis on high drama and heavy guitars. There is an ever present rock element throughout the album which really adds to the pure excitement that is to be expected from the epic music genre. Some of the tracks are pretty heavy such as Barbarians and Psycho Ex. Fans of variety will be glad to hear that the album is laced with a few quieter songs. This album has some great strong rock moments with some softer tracks for good measure.
Lost Angels (Ambient Vocal)
Lost Angels features a massive 39 tracks. This album is quite mellow compared to the previous two. Some of the vocals are similar to those found in Gladiator. If there is a perfect chill out album then this is it. The vocals are mellow and smooth and the music flows softly. Many of the tracks are beautifully produced from the mysterious sound of The Island to the hypnotic beat of Sub consciousness.
The Dawn (Epic Orchestra)
The sound of the movies is ever present on this album. There is a feel of adventure, of suspense and drama throughout. The music on this album utilizes orchestra and synthesizers to good effect. Some of the tracks are pretty intense such as The Dark Prince. Travelling Suns on the other hand creates more of a feeling of desperation. That’s one of the great things about this album and the music of 8Dawn in general; they can create music to invoke a specific mood.
Overall opinion
The music of 8Dawn is classy and exciting, mellow and loud. Their music is quite often flawless with just a few mediocre exceptions. Each album has a unique feel and it’s good to know that they have created a selection of albums for a specific mood. Take a look at their website and discover a world of musical styles. 

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