8Dawn – Immortal

The trailer music library known as 8Dawn had released another public album, Immortal on Amazon and Itunes. This album has ten tracks, all written and composed by Vivien Chebbah.

A standout track in this album is Indestructible. It opens from the beginning with delicately placed synths. Hard hitting beats follow, accompanied by a great rise at about 1:09. This gets the listener in anticipation for the second half of the song.

Another untapped cue is Lux Deos. This opens with synths as well. A soothing female vocal slowly washes in and enhances the buildup that gradually continues throughout the rest of the song.

Overall, the tone of this album follows the hybrid style of recent trailer music albums. While I wish there was more tracks to sample, Immortal is still a nice album to have in your epic music collection. 

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