dos brains brings the “Elements”…

dos brains, a Los Angeles based trailer music house, proudly presents “Elements”, the debut solo album by German composer Dirk Ehlert.

After more than one year in the making, “Elements” takes you on a sonic journey through time and space, history and future, darkness and light. On “Elements”, Dirk interweaves his musical background, which ranges from symphonic to metal, with his experience as a successful trailer music composer, combining influences of world music, classical music, electronica and film scoring along the way.

“Elements” also features world class vocal performances by Úyanga​ ​Bold​ (Hans Zimmer’s The Dark Knight Suite with the Masterpiece Experience, Angelique Kidjo, Overwatch, League Of Legends, etc), Celica​ ​Soldream​ (Neal Acree, Ivan Torrent, etc), Laurie​ ​Ann​ ​Haus (Todesbonden, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, etc) , Gaby​ ​Koss​ (Haggard, Nota Profana, Equilibrium, etc), Merethe​ ​Soltvedt​ (Jeff Broadbent, Two Steps From Hell, Brand X Music, etc) and​ ​Julie​ ​Elven​ (Voice Of Horizon: Zero Dawn, World Of Warcraft: Legion, Neal Acree, Ivan Torrent, etc) as well as cello performances by Vesislava​ ​Todorova​ ​(Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra) and Caro​ ​Teruel​ (Venezuela).

Produced by Dirk Ehlert’s at De-Tune Studios, Berlin, Germany.
Executive Producer: Guillermo De La Barreda for dos brains, Los Angeles, USA.
Mixing & mastering: Mathieu Hallouin, Le Mans, France.
Graphic Designer: Ryo Ishido, Los Angeles, USA.

01 Wings of Fire – ft. Celica Soldream
02 Elements – ft. Úyanga Bold
03 Awakening – ft. Caro Teruel (Cello)
04 Love
05 Elevation – ft. Gaby Koss
06 Undefeated – ft. Celica Soldream
07 The Last Haven – ft. Celica Soldream
08 Burning Sky – ft. Úyanga Bold
09 Dragons Den – ft. Úyanga Bold
10 From Within
11 Excelsior – ft. Laurie Ann Haus
12 Higher Hopes
13 Eternal Light – ft. Julie Elven
14 Ascension – ft. Merethe Soldvedt
15 Excelsior – original demo (Bonus track)
Pre order starting Aug 25, 2017: iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp
Available Sep 8, 2017 on all digital platforms | Physical release Oct 6, 2017
For licensing requests please contact Guillermo de la Barreda

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