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Universal Publishing Production Music release new album
‘The Alternative Indie’ by The Spacepilots

London, UK 16th February 2017: Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM), the world’s largest selection of production music, today announces a new album ‘The Alternative Indie’, released exclusively on one of UPPM’s biggest labels ‘Atmosphere’.

Reacting to the demand for impactful storytelling music, The Alternative Indie was created by The Spacepilots, the moniker for a group of prolific writers and performers from commercial and production music backgrounds.

The Alternative Indie takes influence from Radiohead, Nick Cave and Apparat. Having previously performed as individuals with superstars such as Noel Gallagher, Sheryl Crow and Mick Jagger, The Spacepilots have now come together to compile their unique talents into one album.

Collectively, The Spacepilots have also worked with international brands including British Airways, Levis and Vodafone, as well as working with a diverse mix of artists including Noel Gallagher, Ed Sheeran, David Gilmour, Amy MacDonald and Paolo Nutini.

This new album has been designed for specific use in promotional material and film trailers, where sound and picture combine to form a dynamic creative sync.

Andrew Britton of The Spacepilots says:
“Our main intention was to create an album that we wanted to listen to, without the constraints of a specific brief, to create purely for our love of music and soundscape. Through our love of cinematography we naturally write with a visual narrative in mind.”

Craig Becks from Universal Publishing Production Music says:
“The changing landscape of music has opened opportunities for our composers to explore the impact of music within media which has limitless freedom. The Alternative Indie album is a perfect example of music capable of bringing the visuals to life and really impacts the way the audience enjoys the story. It is less about mimicking what is in the charts and more about focusing on the raw storytelling power of music.”

The Alternative Indie will be available for use in production via Universal Publishing Production Music here. It can also be enjoyed general listening via iTunes and Spotify.

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