News for Mark Awards from Production Music Association!

Los Angeles, CA, June 28, 2017 – The Production Music Association (PMA,) the leading advocate and voice of the global production music community, is now accepting entries for the 2017 Mark Awards. Deadline for submissions is August 11, 2017. The awards event will take place on October 4, 2017, during the group’s annual Production Music Conference (PMC). Entries can be submitted here:

This year’s PMC event will take place October 4-6 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. 2017 marks both the PMA’s 20th Anniversary as well as the organization’s Fourth Annual Production Music Conference. The PMC presents industry leaders from the production music industry joining forces for two days of panels, sessions, state of the art presentations, and networking.


The Production Music Association is now actively seeking submissions for the third annual Mark Awards, an awards ceremony dedicated to honoring excellence in the production music community. Named in honor of the late Andy Mark, who was himself a library owner and a founding member of the PMA, the Mark Awards recognize the very best in production music across 25 categories.


A panel of industry professionals will guide the judging process for the annual event, which is open to both PMA and non-PMA members. In addition to the Mark Awards’ 25 categories, a Hall of Fame Award and an Ambassador Award will also be handed out on October 4th.

Morgan McKnight, Executive Director of the PMA said, “We are very excited to be presenting the Mark Awards for the third straight year. Production music has been the sonic life force behind countless films, TV shows, promos, commercials and marketing campaigns. The Mark Awards are unique in that they are the first and only event to honor the contributions production music makes each year to so many multi-media projects from around the world. They are the production music industry’s highest form of recognition.”

The categories for the 2017 Mark Awards are:


Best Production Music Track

01 Best Ambient Track

02 Best EDM Track

03 Best Folk Track

04 Best Hip Hop/Urban Track

05 Best Jazz Track

06 Best Pop/ROCK Track

07 Best Orchestral Track

08 Best Vocal Track

09 Best World Track

10 Best Dark/Mysterious/Investigative Track

11 Best Film Trailer Track

12 Best Country Track


Best Usage of Production Music

13 Best Usage of Production Music In a Commercial Advertisement

14 Best Usage of Production Music In On-Air Promo

15 Best Usage of Production Music In a Theatrical/Video Game Trailer

16 Best Usage of Production Music As Theme Song In TV Program

17 Best Usage of Production Music In Online/Digital Advertising


Best PML Artist

18 Best PML Indie/Vocal Artist

19 Best PML Pop/Rock Artist

20 Best PML Hip Hop/Urban Artist

21 Best PML Country Artist

22 Best PML Jazz Artist

23 Best PML Folk Artist


Additional Awards

24 Best Non-Categorical / Wildcard Music Track

25 Best Cover Art

26 Hall of Fame Award

27 Ambassador Award




Each year, the PMA assembles an independent group of industry professionals, culled from executives working within TV networks, ad agencies, promo departments, trailer companies, and licensing organizations, to facilitate the submissions, judging, and final selection of all Mark Awards winners.



Founded in 1997, the Production Music Association (PMA) is the leading advocate and voice of the production music community.  A non-profit organization with over 40 member companies, plus composers and industry professionals, the mission of the PMA is to elevate the unique value of production music and to ensure the viability of the production music industry.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the PMA strives to fulfill its mission by:

  • Working with performing rights organizations, legislators, legal counsel and broadcasters with the aim of improving the reporting, monitoring, collection and distribution of performance fees and royalties for PMA members;
  • Providing its members with a forum in which issues of common concern and interest can be discussed;
  • Educating its members and the marketplace about music rights and other issues affecting the production music community; and
  • Enhancing the value of PMA members’ music through research, education and public relations.

For more information about the PMA, please visit:

Truffle Music releases Arisen

Another music group has appeared on the scene–Truffle Musica. The composers’ collective is made up of Marc, Ibrah and Amos.

A strong-smelling underground music  that resembles an irregular, rough-skinned sound, growing chiefly in broad-leaved woodland on calcareous studios. It is considered a musical delicacy and found, especially in Spain, with the aid of trained composers and sound designers.

They have recently released their trailer music album-Arisen, published by X-IT Music, the latter being a well-known repertoire of production music.

“Arisen” is a collection of primarily (but not solely) Hybrid Orchestral cues for epic Action, sweeping Drama and slick Sci-Fi. With great intros, unique sound design, and weighty backends, these tracks can help your protagonists overcome adversity, your villains up their ante and your projects bring home shiny awards.

Have a listen to the twelve-minute preview of the album below!

01. Vendetta Rising
02. Rapid Free Fall
03. Imperative Action
04. All To Arms
05. Predator Pursuit
06. Noble Calling
07. Renaissance Heist
08. Undying Odysseus
09. Obscurantia
10. Unchained Reaction
11. The Way
12. Arisen
13. Striving For Greatness
14. Life Force
15. Dharma
16. Nostalgia (feat. Ewa Bajjo)
17. Singular Journey

Find both X-IT and Truffle at Facebook below!


Universal Publishing Production Music teams up with drummer Kye Smith

“Punks on Speed” by Kye Smith and Michael Ferfoglia is out now on SpotifyiTunes and UPPM

LONDON, UK, June 2017: Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM), the world’s leading production music company, has teamed up with masterful drummer Kye Smith for the release of “Punks on Speed”. In collaboration with Michael Ferfoglia, the new album is now available to stream and download on SpotifyiTunes and UPPM.

Drummer Kye Smith, became a YouTube sensation in 2013 after the world saw him burn through the entire back catalogue of Nirvana in just five minutes. Kye also honoured the likes of Blink-182, The Beatles and Foo Fighters in his 5 minute drum chronologies – shared on social media by Dave Grohl himself.

Originally from Australia, Kye’s notorious talent for drumming saw him travel to the USA to perform his famous The Beatles chronology live at Madison Square Garden during a New York Knicks halftime show in 2016. Kye is also the drummer and manager of punk rock band Local Resident Failure who are currently performing a season of gigs.

Michael, also a member of ‘Local Resident Failure’, has a strong background as a studio engineer and punk rock producer. A talented guitarist, he has previously composed music for high profile TV adverts in Australia and was instrumental in bringing Punks on Speed to life.

Now partnering with UPPM, the duo’s debut album for production music is part of the Bruton label and is the latest offering in its Burn series. The Bruton label delivers cutting edge contemporary sounds using a rich catalogue with over 40 years of heritage. Punks on Speed was mastered in the famous Metropolis Studios in London, features 12 tracks composed by Kye Smith and Michael Fergolia. The album boasts a balanced harmony of speed and precision, fulfilled with a lurking influence of Travis Barker and Tre’ Cool. With heavy guitar laden hooks backing the drumming skills, Punks on Speed is best suited to intense, fast paced and energetic style productions and for those who like their music turned up loud!

Craig Beck – Head of Production at UPPM says: “Kye and Michael have executed a refreshing new album which caters for both production and commercial use. Punks on Speed will take you on a journey through adolescence, evoking Green Day and NOFX nostalgia. It is the perfect album for listeners craving high tempo music and ideal for fast paced productions.”

Punks on Speed is now available to download  here and below:

Universal Publishing Production Music



Apple Music



Amazon Music Unlimited


——— ENDS ———

‘Punks on Speed’ – track list:

  1. Wise Up
  2. Wheels in Motion
  3. Power Slide
  4. Stay Gold
  5. Ska After Party
  6. Ignite the Fire
  7. Bottles and Rockets
  8. Chasing New Heights
  9. Thrasher
  10. Short View
  11. Gotta Live Hardcore
  12. Bucket List

Warner/Chappell Production Music Nominated!

NASHVILLE, TN (May 25, 2017) – Warner/Chappell Production Music, Warner Music Group’s production music arm, today announced its nomination in the PromaxBDA Local Awards’ Use of Original Music in a Promo category. 
The nominated piece, “The Ones for Texas,” was created in conjunction with KTVT-TV/CBS 11 in Dallas-Fort Worth.
Mark Agent, Warner/Chappell Production Music’s Director of Licensing, Local Television, stated, “I’m excited that this collaboration with KTVT is nominated for a Local Award, and proud to have been a part of a campaign that celebrates diversity and connects to its viewers’ Texas pride. To be nominated in a category that we’ve won with KTVT before is a thrill.”
Click the link below to view the nominated promotional video.

Warner/Chappell Production Music Appoints New Director of Licensing

Warner/Chappell Production Music today announced the appointment of Steve Swenson to Director of Licensing.  In this role, Steve will focus on developing the company’s licensing reach in sports, broadcast and corporate markets, and he will be based in Tampa, Florida.  Steve joins Warner/Chappell Production Music from HSN, where he oversaw audio strategy.
Congratulate him directly at

Steve Swenson

About Warner/Chappell Production Music
Warner/Chappell Production Music is a worldwide leader within the production music industry, with over 35 years of experience and success. It unites many of the most successful and respected independent brands in production music, including 615 Music, Non-Stop Music, Gari Music, Groove Addicts, V – The Production Library, and many others. The brands comprising Warner/Chappell Production Music have been the recipients of many industry awards, including multiple Emmys®, Tellys, ADDYs and Promax honors.
Warner/Chappell Production Music is a proud part of WarnerMusic Group, home to a collection of the best-known labels in the music industry, including Atlantic, Elektra, Fueled By Ramen, Rhino, and Roadrunner, as well as Warner/Chappell Music, one of the world’s leading music publishers, with a catalog of more than one million copyrights worldwide.

Fired Earth Music interviews Jesper Kyd


 Jesper Kyd Headshot


An Interview with Jesper Kyd





             Including ‘Questions from Fans’


Hello Epic music fans, this is actually an older interview with composer Jesper Kyd regarding the release Legacy through Fired Earth Music. I hope you enjoy it!


This is your second trailer album with Fired Earth Music.  Ultimatum was released in 2011 and described as an album of ‘Radical Epics’, what can we expect from LEGACY?

The album consists of 10 tracks in an uplifting orchestral style. The music was performed by members of the Budapest Orchestra who worked with me on my last trailer album, Ultimatum.  Legacy also features several tracks recorded with vocals from Melissa Kaplan, the voice of the first four Assassin’s Creed games as well as Ultimatum‘s “Aphelion.”



Of the ten tracks on the album, which are the highlights for you?

My personal favorite tracks are Empyrean, Phantasm, Rainmaker and Freefall.



What was the direction and inspiration for this album?

I wanted to make emotional and dramatic cues that keep on building into an epic finish. “Let’s make them cry” was one of the tag lines I was working with.


What type of movies would these tracks complement?

I didn’t have any specific movies in mind. I was thinking more about female driven stories – love stories – tragic stories – stories where the character has to overcome immense odds – reflecting back on their life – filmic scenes that focus more on emotion and depth.



Great to hear Melissa Kaplan on this record, the voice behind Ezio’s Family from Assassin’s Creed and Aphelion from Ultimatum.  What’s the story? 

I really like her voice and working with her. I often write the vocal performance with Melissa in mind. We first met during The Chronicles of Spellborn soundtrack and shortly after I recorded her for Kane & Lynch.



How does writing for motion picture differ from writing for video games soundtracks?

Well, games are not a linear medium like film. Especially open world games, which are very different in a sense that you don’t know what the player is going to do next. So you have to keep these things in mind and often score for a wider range of possibilities. In games you are also free to score the music without having to hit certain beats, since there is no locked picture to score to.



We have to ask – do you play video games yourself and if so, which are your favourites?

Yes, I still play video games when I have the time. Some of my latest favorite titles are BioShock Infinite and Far Cry 3.



When it comes for writing for motion picture are there any dream titles that you would love to have written the score for?

No, not really. I don’t look at it like that. Some of my favorite movies are also my favorite soundtracks and I can’t imagine these movies without the soundtracks that they have.  That being said, I would love to score a huge sci-fi epic where I can fire up all my analog gear and experience working with orchestras and choirs, and bring it all together in one massive musical explosion.



What is next on the horizon for you?

I’m currently scoring the second season of the European live action TV series based on the “Heavy Metal” comic books called Metal Hurlant Chronicles. I am having a blast scoring this series. Each episode is completely different so every episode is like scoring a mini movie. I just finished the first episode of the new season, which is a Western starring Michael Biehn from Terminator, The Abyss and Aliens. I am also working on a couple of other video game projects I can’t talk about yet.



Questions from Fans:



Ana Salerno, São Paulo – Brazil


Does Jesper have any advice for young people that want to be composers? How to gain experience for example?


Hi Ana – I would try to work on short films or indie game projects. Experience is such an important part of the growth of a composer. Being able to talk to directors, game designers or producers will help you focus on creating a score with more impact.




Niranjan, Madurai, India


I’m working on a game design, and I’m doing it singlehandedly. What kind of software do you use to create and mix music?


Hi Niranjan – I use Cubase to create and mix my music. Then I record the music to Pro Tools. Best wishes for your project!





William McNamara, Gino Gladden


I often use your music for inspiration on minecraft builds and can go for hours just off of one song that inspires a city from what I get from the song. To put that much emotion into a song, there must be some epic inspiration!  Where does that come from?

Thank you William. It’s great to hear you play some of my music for inspiration. Well, often my own inspiration comes from the project itself. Other times I do a lot of research and try to come up with interesting ways of mixing music styles together to create something new and unique.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this interview! Epic listening!


Terrafall – Mirabilia

A group Terrafall released an album Mirabilia, available here on Spotify.

Terrafall is a coalition of three men located in southern Sweden. And much like other trailer music libraries, their focus is scoring musical themes with a cinematic touch, well suited for both games and movies.

I had a chance to listen to this album a few weeks ago. So how is the music? Overall, it sounds fairly decent. If you are an epic music diehard, then you likely wouldn’t mind more epic music. Be sure to follow Terrafall on Facebook for the latest news!


UPPM releases…

Universal Publishing Production Music release new album
‘The Alternative Indie’ by The Spacepilots

London, UK 16th February 2017: Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM), the world’s largest selection of production music, today announces a new album ‘The Alternative Indie’, released exclusively on one of UPPM’s biggest labels ‘Atmosphere’.

Reacting to the demand for impactful storytelling music, The Alternative Indie was created by The Spacepilots, the moniker for a group of prolific writers and performers from commercial and production music backgrounds.

The Alternative Indie takes influence from Radiohead, Nick Cave and Apparat. Having previously performed as individuals with superstars such as Noel Gallagher, Sheryl Crow and Mick Jagger, The Spacepilots have now come together to compile their unique talents into one album.

Collectively, The Spacepilots have also worked with international brands including British Airways, Levis and Vodafone, as well as working with a diverse mix of artists including Noel Gallagher, Ed Sheeran, David Gilmour, Amy MacDonald and Paolo Nutini.

This new album has been designed for specific use in promotional material and film trailers, where sound and picture combine to form a dynamic creative sync.

Andrew Britton of The Spacepilots says:
“Our main intention was to create an album that we wanted to listen to, without the constraints of a specific brief, to create purely for our love of music and soundscape. Through our love of cinematography we naturally write with a visual narrative in mind.”

Craig Becks from Universal Publishing Production Music says:
“The changing landscape of music has opened opportunities for our composers to explore the impact of music within media which has limitless freedom. The Alternative Indie album is a perfect example of music capable of bringing the visuals to life and really impacts the way the audience enjoys the story. It is less about mimicking what is in the charts and more about focusing on the raw storytelling power of music.”

The Alternative Indie will be available for use in production via Universal Publishing Production Music here. It can also be enjoyed general listening via iTunes and Spotify.

Embed the video:



Trailer Music Track Meaning – The Priory of Sion by audiomachine

Today I’m going to look at a trailer music track title. The track is entitled Priory of Sion by audiomachine. It’s a short and energetic track and no doubt makes for good trailer use. But is that the end of the matter? A further examination of the title yields some rather interesting results.  It was an alleged secret society founded in the eleventh century that purportedly protects those who claim lineage from Jesus Christ and has been the subject matter of many novels and movies, most notably the Da Vinci Code.

Many have labeled it a hoax or the ramblings of conspiracy theorists. Is it really? Well, consider that despite the assertions that this group has existed for millenia, the existence was not revealed until 1967 with the publication L’Or de Rennes (‘The Gold of Rennes-le-Chateau’) by Gérard de Sède.  Much of this was further promulgated by an individual named Pierre Plantard for several decades. However he evidently admitted before an investigation that the whole Priory of Sion was a fraud and the documents he possessed were merely figments of his imagination.

So are we to read into any of this? Not in this case. However, I think that reflecting on titles for epic music tracks can and should stimulate us to do further research. In this way, even as we have listened to epic music, so hopefully we’ll be curious to investigate and to find out more about the world around us.


Mihail Doman | Composer

Mihail Doman is a composer from Bucharest, Romania. He writes neoclassical music, fusing orchestral and electronic elements inspired by Olafur Arnalds and Hans Zimmer. His First album, Arhythmology is a musical story of rebirth and new beginnings.

According to the website:

They’re released in apparent random order but at the end they all fit together as part of a puzzle. Arhythmology is a word that pays homage to something old and essential. It has long been thought that western music originated in the time of Pythagoras – the ancient mathematician. Traditionally, he is thought to have invented – or better said discovered – the ratios between the musical intervals. And for the people of those ancient times, Arhythmology was the name of the sacred science which included music, mathematics, physics, chemistry and the astronomy that we know today.

Very interesting indeed! If you want to find out more, please visit his official site.