Evolving Sound – Dystopia Press Release



Manchester, UK, January 10th, 2017 – Dystopia is a collection of tense, unnerving and sinister cues, that fuse dystopic live strings and brass, mangled solo instruments, and abrasive sound design, to deliver profoundly dark, moody and powerful trailer-scores, carefully designed for theatrical promotion.

Rather than rely purely on sound-design, Evolving Sound wanted the album to be built primarily around menacing tonal ideas – shuddering brass and string bends, grating clusters, dissonant spiccatos, mutilated solo violin recorded, processed and resampled. They worked with hand-picked, custom ‘dark brass’ and ‘dark string’ ensembles from the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, and recorded a host of brooding, unnerving parts, featuring dissonant, jarring playing styles and articulations not achievable with samples.


The result is a set of tracks which stalk ominously around the edges of horror, into dark action and drama, adult fairy-tales and tense, sinister thriller territory, showcasing a distinct blend of minimalist orchestral arrangements and signature sounds, hauntingly blended with grating sound-design.


This ambitiously austere album features 9 of the industry’s best composers, some of Europe’s leading orchestral players, and suitably unnerving, custom artwork by ‘dark artist’ Jarek Kubicki.


Dystopia will be released on 24th January to industry clients only, via direct download and the Evolving Sound client site on Source Audio – visit https://evolvingsound.sourceaudio.com  or contact info@evolvingsound.com  for access. It will be available on general release later in the year.


DYSTOPIA TEASER VIDEO: https://youtu.be/EtiIpn8Htzw


Dystopia is the boutique UK trailer label’s 7th album since their launch 8 months ago. Latest placements include the new trailer for the forthcoming Jennifer Lawrence movie ‘Red Sparrow’, and game promos for Blizzard’s ‘Heroes of the Storm’.


RED SPARROW TRAILER: https://youtu.be/PmUL6wMpMWw


All enquiries: https://www.evovlingsound.com / info@evolvingsound.com


For more information, please contact Jules on +44 (0)161 883 2221 or

email info@evolvingsound.com.


Ivan Torrent – Immortalys

Renowned music composer Ivan Torrent has recently released his latest work, Immortalys that is available for purchase via BandCamp and iTunes. This is Ivan’s second studio album and contains a total of eighteen tracks.

…orchestral and electronic music meet again to forge a new sonic voyage, through mystical landscapes and emotional melodies performed by the amazing musicians of the GIOrquestra, and the wonderful voices of Lara Ausensi, Celica Soldream, Julie Elven, Merethe Soltvedt, Marta Merino, Estela Martin, Irene Rodriguez and Alek Bazerak.

Music is a universal language that unifies the spirits of Mankind. It’s meaningful as it connects with our deepest feelings and experiences. It’s transcendental as it has no frontiers. It belongs to the world. It belongs to the Universe. And its nature is…


Let me just say that this album is really good. Words cannot describe how good it is. It is a great combination of vocals, electronic sounds and promises a ride for the seasoned epic music connoisseur.

The first half of the album is available as a preview here:

Epic listening!

My Thoughts

As we come to the close of 2017, I was reflecting a bit on the state of epic music. Some of us may have been there from the beginning, when this music was starting to make its way into the public sector on the Interweb. We’ve had the opportunity to be a part of this journey.

The evidence behind shows us what can be done when there is a collective effort to promote this music from all over the world. Numerous public releases, more noteworthy events and so on.

No need to rehash all of that right?

I’m sure you’ve been hearing recently about the increasing investments into bitcoin. Notice this quote from an article:

 Bitcoin was for the community, maintained by the community and was the community.

Community was a key word. It was a word that was paramount to the success of Bitcoin. Without it, we wouldn’t see the staggering numbers we see today. This push ever onward by the community is why Bitcoin was able to get its footing and build the foundation it vitally needed to survive and prosper.”

Interesting right? Did you notice the word that appeared the most in that exercpt? Community. It was mentioned that it was the community that played the key role in the promotion of bitcoin. Even though there wasn’t so much craze about it in the beginning, it eventually took off.

Can you guess where I am going with this?

Just as how the community helped to power the bitcoin phenomena in the past several years, surely it is the community for epic music that has but will also continue to play an integral role in the continued future growth of epic music.

It’s incredible to be a part of all this and the future promises to be exciting!

SourceAudio Launches PodcastMusic.com



Los Angeles, CA, December 05, 2017 — SourceAudio, the world’s leading white label music DAM platform, has announced the launch of PodcastMusic.com. The new subscription-based service simplifies the difficulties of obtaining the licenses necessary for podcast use by bundling the master use, synchronization, mechanical and direct performance licenses into a single monthly transaction. And, once a podcast episode is produced, no additional royalties need ever be paid. The announcement was made today by Douglas Reed, EVP, Radio and Library Services, SourceAudio.


PodcastMusic.com allows podcasters to grow their podcasts by significantly enhancing their sound — to both audiences and advertisers — thus eliminating music-related worries forever. Creatively and legally, PodcastMusic.com provides simple steps for podcast producers to ensure easy, efficient access to a broad range of music. Subscribers have unlimited use of a selection of over 500,000 music beds and sound effects from top music libraries such as Manhattan Production Music, Strike Audio, Alibi Music Library and Sound Ideas.Subscriptions to PodcastMusic.com start at as little as $10 a month.

Regarding the launch of PodcastMusic.com, Mr. Reed said, “Podcasting is a unique business, and it required a specialized solution. It took us over a year of research to put together this exciting new service. We have perfected a soup-to-nuts e-commerce platform by which to distribute and track music for use specifically within podcasts.”

PodcastMusic.com also provides users a diverse range of easy-to-access tracks:

** Unlimited access to the most premium music, sound design elements, and SFX — from the world’s top music libraries — in one single service.

** New music added constantly. No other company has more libraries and puts out more new music than SourceAudio does.

** Find what you need fast. PodcastMusic.com is powered by SourceAudio, the world’s premium music hosting and search platform.

** PodcastMusic.com allows one to dig through podcast-specialized playlists to help find that perfect track. No other service compares.


SourceAudio is the world’s leading music licensing platform, technology partner, and digital asset and rights management platform, providing services to over a thousand companies. Based in Los Angeles, SourceAudio is a white label B2B music technology platform for publishers, labels, broadcasters, production companies, and creative agencies. Iconic brands across the media landscape leverage SourceAudio’s industry leading music search, distribution, licensing, monitoring, and management capabilities to generate revenue, enhance creative, and maximize efficiencies.

SourceAudio’s network-based approach for buyer, publisher, and sub publisher connectivity in one cloud based ecosystem is revolutionizing the music-for-commercial media supply chain.

SourceAudio is also the same company behind other innovative, technology-powered music solutions like Alpha Libraries for Radio, the single largest production music resource for radio. Alpha Libraries has significantly enhanced the way radio groups, clusters, and stations license music for programming, promos, commercials, jingles, and other production elements.


For more information, please see: http://www.sourceaudio.com

Zone Music Trailers – Best of

A new release has arrived from Zone Music!

Zone Trailers bring together a brand new ‘best of’ compilation to celebrate their first year of cinematic releases.

Brought to you by UK production music label Zone Music, the trailer-focused label was ignited after the successes of previously released albums “Big Cinematic Trailers”, “Epic Cinematic Trailers” and “Big Screen Heroes”.

Taking the stand-out tracks from eight powerfully charged albums “Best Of Zone Trailers Vol One” showcases the broad quality of material housed on the label. From inaugural release “Epic Trailer Power” to the brooding intensity of “Maximus”, the ancient cinematic “Colossus” and powerful “Apocalypse Rising” to the exciting “Dramatic Edge”, pounding action of “Enforcer”, the gripping “Riders Of The Storm” and triumphant determination of “Total Combat”.

Featuring compositions from the talents of composers Gustavo Coutinho Pereira, Matthew Chastney and Vlado Hudec, this album is the best representation of what Zone Trailers has to offer.

Now available worldwide for the first time on various online stores: http://smarturl.it/BestofZoneTrailers1

Riptide Music news

Culver City, CA, November 14, 2017 — Riptide Music Group (Riptide), a leading synchronization and rights management company that provides music to advertising, movie trailers, TV programming and promos, major motion pictures, videogames, and multi-media productions, has named George Howard as Chief Innovation Officer. The announcement was made today by Riptide executives Rich Goldman, President, and Keatly Haldeman, CEO.

Howard was an early founder of Tunecore, one of the leading digital aggregators. Additionally, he is the co-founder of Music Audience Exchange, served as president of Rykodisc, and formerly managed superstar Carly Simon. A JD/MBA, Howard is a professor at Berklee College of Music and Brown University.

The news about Howard comes fast on the heels of Riptide’s recent announcement naming longtime music and entertainment industry executive Mark Ross as a Partner. Ross brought a $ 4-million cash infusion into Riptide to help grow the company. Howard, a long-time associate of Ross’, will become an integral member of Riptide’s next phase of business growth and development.

In a joint statement, Goldman and Haldeman said, “George is a cutting edge digital music thinker who helps turn great ideas into reality. He’s plugged into the technology of music, and brings to Riptide his solid entrepreneurial and strategic experience across many aspects of the music industry. He’ll help to drive our business development and strategic growth initiatives on a global level.”

Adds Howard, “I was powerfully drawn to Riptide because of their innovative approach to synch and music rights management. At this stage in my career, I only get involved with companies that I think have a strong chance of break-out success, and I haven’t been this excited about a company in a long time.”



George Howard has a long career across numerous sectors of the music industry. He was an early founder of Tunecore, one of the leading digital aggregators. He also held the title of President of Rykodisc.

Formerly the manager of Carly Simon, Howard is also a co-founder of Music Audience Exchange, a technology company that helps consumer brands and music artists form mutually beneficial partnerships.

Via his consulting firm, Howard has advised a wide-range of companies — from the Fortune 500 (Intel, CVS/pharmacy) to the Ivy League (Brown University); as well as non-profits (Easter Seals, Landmark); countless innovative startups; as well as renowned Grammy and Oscar winning artists, such as Carly Simon and Mark Isham — on creating value around technological change.

A professor at both Berklee College of Music, and Brown University, Howard holds MBA and JD degrees.


Formed in early 2014 by the merger of Riptide Music and Pigfactory, Riptide Music Group is comprised of five operating units: Riptide Rightslooks after publishing and master rights for administration and sync representation; Riptide One, a carefully curated catalog of independent artists, bands, producers and composers, master & publishing controlled 100% by Riptide; Pacifica Music Library, a modern production music library focused on current popular music styles; DIVER, a boutique catalog of label-signed, active and touring artists; and Incubator, Riptide’s pop and urban songwriter, producer and artist development division.

Riptide Music Group is located at 9469 Jefferson Blvd., Ste. 114, Culver City, CA 90232. The phone is 310.437.4380. For more information, please see: www.riptidemusic.com

                                                           # # #

Media Contact: 

Dan Harary

The Asbury PR Agency

Beverly Hills, CA



dos brains brings the “Elements”…

dos brains, a Los Angeles based trailer music house, proudly presents “Elements”, the debut solo album by German composer Dirk Ehlert.

After more than one year in the making, “Elements” takes you on a sonic journey through time and space, history and future, darkness and light. On “Elements”, Dirk interweaves his musical background, which ranges from symphonic to metal, with his experience as a successful trailer music composer, combining influences of world music, classical music, electronica and film scoring along the way.

“Elements” also features world class vocal performances by Úyanga​ ​Bold​ (Hans Zimmer’s The Dark Knight Suite with the Masterpiece Experience, Angelique Kidjo, Overwatch, League Of Legends, etc), Celica​ ​Soldream​ (Neal Acree, Ivan Torrent, etc), Laurie​ ​Ann​ ​Haus (Todesbonden, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, etc) , Gaby​ ​Koss​ (Haggard, Nota Profana, Equilibrium, etc), Merethe​ ​Soltvedt​ (Jeff Broadbent, Two Steps From Hell, Brand X Music, etc) and​ ​Julie​ ​Elven​ (Voice Of Horizon: Zero Dawn, World Of Warcraft: Legion, Neal Acree, Ivan Torrent, etc) as well as cello performances by Vesislava​ ​Todorova​ ​(Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra) and Caro​ ​Teruel​ (Venezuela).

Produced by Dirk Ehlert’s at De-Tune Studios, Berlin, Germany.
Executive Producer: Guillermo De La Barreda for dos brains, Los Angeles, USA.
Mixing & mastering: Mathieu Hallouin, Le Mans, France.
Graphic Designer: Ryo Ishido, Los Angeles, USA.

01 Wings of Fire – ft. Celica Soldream
02 Elements – ft. Úyanga Bold
03 Awakening – ft. Caro Teruel (Cello)
04 Love
05 Elevation – ft. Gaby Koss
06 Undefeated – ft. Celica Soldream
07 The Last Haven – ft. Celica Soldream
08 Burning Sky – ft. Úyanga Bold
09 Dragons Den – ft. Úyanga Bold
10 From Within
11 Excelsior – ft. Laurie Ann Haus
12 Higher Hopes
13 Eternal Light – ft. Julie Elven
14 Ascension – ft. Merethe Soldvedt
15 Excelsior – original demo (Bonus track)

Pre order starting Aug 25, 2017: iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp
Available Sep 8, 2017 on all digital platforms | Physical release Oct 6, 2017
For licensing requests please contact Guillermo de la Barreda rightbrain@dosbrains.com

Riptide Music makes a SPLASH!

Culver City, CA, October 25, 2017 — Riptide Music Group (Riptide), a leading synchronization and rights management company that provides music to advertising, movie trailers, TV programming and promos, major motion pictures, videogames, and multi-media productions, has named Mark Ross as a Partner. Concurrently, Riptide has secured a $4-million dollar investment from Ross to finance the future growth of the business. The announcement was made today by Riptide executives Rich Goldman, President, and Keatly Haldeman, CEO.  

Riptide will use the new infusion of funds to expand operations, acquire additional music, and sign and develop songwriters, producers, and recording artists.

Mark Ross is the son of legendary music executive Steve Ross, founder and CEO of Warner Communications, and former CEO of Time Warner, Inc. Mark Ross has been active over the last three decades at the highest level of virtually every facet of the music and film business, including serving as Executive Director of Quincy Jones Productions.

Riptide Music Group is a full-service, sync-focused music publishing company with broad relationships across the media spectrum. Recent placements include commercials for Apple, Carl’s Jr., and Google Chromecast; film campaigns for “John Wick 2,” “Valerian and the City Of a Thousand Planets,” and “Get Out!;” and numerous additional placements in TV shows and promos with the top broadcast, OTT, and cable networks.


Riptide’s pop music development division, Incubator, scored some wins over the past year, including Atlantic Records artist Terror Jr.’s hit single “Come First,” with over 85 million Spotify plays. Incubator also scored numerous singles on labels such as Armada Records, Revealed Recordings, and CR2.

Additionally, Riptide has further developed its DIVER division, which is focused on record label and artist sync services. DIVER exclusively represents Dine Alone Records, Canada’s largest indie label, for worldwide sync representation. The DIVER roster is filled with new label releases, providing music supervisors and brands with access to current touring and “buzzing” artists.

Regarding today’s announcement, Haldeman said, “We’re very excited to welcome Mark Ross as our partner. His participation will allow us the opportunity to enjoy significant growth. This cash infusion helps us become better situated to serve the talented roster of music creators we work with, and to increase that community on a global scale. Mark is passionate about music publishing, and we look forward to working with him.”

“Mark and I both cut our chops in recording studios and as music producers, which, for me, enabled us to bond immediately,” adds Goldman. “Mark’s a music guy to the core, and he brings a world of knowledge, relationships and enthusiasm to the table. He shares our vision in the unlimited potential of Riptide Music Group. We are thrilled to have him come on board.”

Dan Silver, Riptide’s VP of Creative, said, “This new partnership with Mark Ross fuels a broader reach for us to brands, studios, and music supervisors with our various catalogs. It will also help us to increase our artists’ value in the marketplace, which will ultimately broaden the audiences for those artists. Mark’s investment, depth of experience, and extensive industry relationships are sure to power an energetic new growth phase for Riptide.”

“Riptide is a dynamic company with a seasoned team, a tremendous catalog, and solid media connections. I’m thrilled to be joining them, and to help support their growth during this exciting new era across all aspects of the global music industry,” Ross said.


Mark Ross brings a lifetime of experience and business relationships to the new Riptide Music Group partnership. Over the course of his career, he’s had the great fortune of working with creative luminaries such as Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Bob Dylan, Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon, Alicia Keys, Ray Charles, AC/DC, Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, Metallica, Frank Sinatra, and Sir George Martin. In the process, he’s forged strong personal and professional relationships with entertainment professionals of every stripe.


Starting his career as a tape librarian at Atlantic Studios, Ross went on to work closely with Quincy Jones for more than 20 years, ultimately as Executive Director of Quincy Jones Productions. He also ran his own imprint label with Universal Records.


In addition, Ross has produced a number of films, and was an early backer of the groundbreaking independent film endeavor, InDigEnt. He produced one of the largest concerts ever in Moscow, “Monsters of Rock,” prior to the fall of the Soviet Union. The concert featured AC/DC, Metallica, and Pantera, whom he signed to ATCO Records.


Ross is also currently an advisor and investor in Music Audience Exchange, a technology company that helps consumer brands and music artists form mutually beneficial partnerships.


Formed in early 2014 by the merger of Riptide Music and Pigfactory, Riptide Music Group is comprised of five operating units: Riptide Rightslooks after publishing and master rights for administration and sync representation; Riptide One, a carefully curated catalog of independent artists, bands, producers and composers, master & publishing controlled 100% by Riptide; Pacifica Music Library, a modern production music library focused on current popular music styles; DIVER, a boutique catalog of label-signed, active and touring artists; and Incubator, Riptide’s pop and urban songwriter, producer and artist development division.

Riptide Music Group is located at 9469 Jefferson Blvd., Ste. 114Culver City, CA 90232. The phone is 310.437.4380. For more information, please see: www.riptidemusic.com

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Media Contact: 

Dan Harary

The Asbury PR Agency

Beverly Hills, CA





Los Angeles, CA, October 12, 2017 – The Production Music Association (PMA,) the leading advocate and voice of the global production music community, has announced that its just concluded 2017 Production Music Conference drew over 600 attendees from all areas of the music industry. The event was held October 4-6 at the Hollywood Loews Hotel.

Conference attendees, many of whom came from Europe and elsewhere around the world, enjoyed the third annual Mark Awards event on Oct 4, as well as keynote speeches from David Israelite, president and CEO of the NMPA, and film composer Mychael Danna. A total of sixteen unique industry panels were presented during the three-day conference, including those with such titles as “Production Music is the Record Industry,” “How Big Data Can Double Your Income,” “Writing a Production Music Hit,” and “Trailerizing Your Music.”

Three renowned music industry executives were honored at this year’s Mark Awards: Romano Di Bari of Italy’s Flipper Music received the “Hall of Fame Award,” Alison Smith of BMI received the “Ambassador Award,” and Dr. Lynne Lummel, formerly with ASCAP, received the “Visionary Award.”


Adam Taylor, Chairman of the PMA and president of APM Music said, “We were delighted with the turnout for this year’s conference. Our panelists and guest speakers were top notch and presented not only compelling and intriguing topics, but also offered practical advice to our members as to where the future of our production music industry is heading, and the hurdles we all must face together as we move further into the digital age.”


The winners of the 2017 Mark Awards were:

Best Non-Categorical / Wildcard Music Track


Richard Pryn

Immediate Music (Immediate Music)

Best PML Artist In Pop / Rock

Monica LaPlante

Black Label Music (Black Label)

Best Cover Art

Cry Baby

Ryan “Roadkill” Quickfall

Sonic Quiver (5 Alarm Music)

Best PML Artist In Country

Christopher McDonald

Black Label Music (Black Label)

Best PML Artist In Folk

Hanging Lanterns

A-List Records (A-List Records)

Best PML Artist In Hip Hop / Urban

Vylan Lyf

A-List Records (A-List Records)

Best PML Artist In Indie / Vocal

Horses Heaven

Bodan Kuma (Bulletproof Bear)

Best PML Artist In Jazz

Leigh McAllister Gracie

KPM (EMI Production Music)

Best Production Music Track in Ambient

“Peaceful Inner Feelings”

Sylvain Ott and Gilles Laurent

AXS Music (AXS Music)

Best Production Music Track in Country

“Good Life”

Christopher McDonald

Black Label Music (Black Label)

Best Production Music Track in Dark/Mysterious/Investigative


David Arkestone

Legacy (APM Music)

Best Production Music Track in EDM

“Summer Dance”

Frederic Le Quere

Super Pitch – Entertainment (SuperPitch)

Best Production Music Track in Film Trailer

“Legions of Oceania”

Yoav Goren

Immediate Music (Immediate Music)

Best Production Music Track in Folk

“No Better Place To Go”

Jonathan Monroy, Claire Barnhart, Chris Mathieu and Matthew Naylor

Surefire (APM Music)

Best Production Music Track in Hip Hop / Urban

“Play With Fire”

Nicolas Boscovic, Ashley Clark and Tom Hillock

Justement Music (APM Music)

Best Production Music Track in Jazz

“Steppin’ Out”

Robert J. Walsh

5 Alarm Music (5 Alarm Music)

Best Production Music Track in Orchestral

“Adventure of a Lifetime”

Colleen Sharmat

Scoring Stage (Warner/Chappell Production Music)

Best Production Music Track in Pop / Rock

“City Lights”

Nicolas Boscovic, Tom Hillock and Jennifer Jordan

Justement Music (APM Music)

Best Production Music Track in Vocal

“I’m In Love With You”

Kate Paxton and Charlie Silver

Nightingale Music (APM Music)

Best Production Music Track in World

“Ole Bongo”

Norbert Galouo, Jose Ortegon Tovar and Francisco Smith Angulo

Cezame (APM Music)

Best Usage of Production Music in Theme Song in TV Programming

“The Toy Box”

Jonathan LaCroix and Jason Moss

Super Sonic Noise | VTown Cartel (Bulletproof Bear)

Best Usage of Production Music in a Commercial Advertisement

“Sainsbury’s Food Dancing”

Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield and MysDiggi

KPM (EMI Production Music)

Best Usage of Production Music in Theatrical / Video Game Trailer

“Fairy Dust” in Mad Max Fury Road

Bruce Hall

Cute Music Library (Cute Music Library)

Best Usage of Production Music in On-Air Promo

“Waves of Emotion” in This is History

Steward Winter and Joseph Saba

VideoHelper (VideoHelper)

Best Usage of Production Music in Online / Digital Advertising

“The Passing of Time” in ACTIVIA InSync Ingrid

Johann Sebastien Bach and Matteo Locasciulli

SuperPitch (SuperPitch)


Founded in 1997, the Production Music Association (PMA) is the leading advocate and voice of the production music community. A non-profit organization with over 40 member companies, plus composers and industry professionals, the mission of the PMA is to elevate the unique value of production music and to ensure the viability of the production music industry.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the PMA strives to fulfill its mission by:

► Working with performing rights organizations, legislators, legal counsel and broadcasters with the aim of improving the reporting, monitoring, collection and distribution of performance fees and royalties for PMA members;

► Providing its members with a forum in which issues of common concern and interest can be discussed;

► Educating its members and the marketplace about music rights and other issues affecting the production music community; and

► Enhancing the value of PMA members’ music through research, education and public relations.

For more information about the PMA, please visit: http://pmamusic.com/

Epic Music Family – #EMF

If you’ve been a follower of epic music for the last several years, no doubt you can relate to the fact that you can freely interact with other like-minded individuals who share the same passion for epic music, perhaps on YouTube, Facebook as well as other media platforms.

With that in mind, we now turn to the latest project on that front, which is Epic Music Family, or EMFx for short. This project was co-founded and is overseen by composer Christian Baczyk and Kai Rathsack, founder of the popular EpicMusicWorld channel on YouTube.




You have been a composer and followed epic music for some years. What led you to begin EMFx?

I believe that by combining profession and purpose big things can happen. EMFx is a charity organization that I have started together with my two friends Kai Rathsack (Founder: Epic Music World I and II) and Kevin Mantey (Founder: Trailer Music World I and II, End Of Silence).
Our goal is to give aspiring music producers from all over the world the chance to make a living with their passion.
At the same time we want to give parts of our earnings away to support charity projects.
Kevin, Kai and I have been dreaming about working together for three years. After creating four of the most successful music-promotion channels for trailer-music on Youtube (“Trailer Music World I”, “Trailer Music World II”, “Epic Music World I”, “Epic Music World II”) with an evergrowing community of over one million people in total, followed by our very own music-production company “End Of Silence”, we decided to use all our resources and work on our newest project, EMFx.

We understand that there was a recent gathering of some in the epic music community over in Munich, Germany not too long ago. Could you let us know what was the purpose of it and how it went?

In the first place we wanted to get to know the people we already communicate with over social media for such a long time. It was truly a fascinating and inspirational weekend and it made us many more possibilities for EMFx. The meet up turned out to be exactly as we have expected it to be like. It was the gathering of a big family. Of course we discussed a lot of things depending EMFx there and for us it was definitely just the first meeting of many.

While epic music has continued to grow in terms of the amount of listeners and overall fan base, it may appear that there may not much evidence of other growth to the outsider. How does EMFx address that aspect?

You mentioned the aspect of a growing audience but thanks to EMFx there is definitely a huge growth on the side of the composers, too. While a few years ago one often had to struggle for a long period of time, starting with small and probably even unpaid projects – just to gain more recognition and reputation to finally establish as a professional composer – we now have the chance through our Youtube network to directly recognize potential and give young composers the chance to immediately enter the Trailer/TV industry with just a little guidance from us (sometimes it’s not even necessary).
Since you mentioned the meet up in Munich I remember when we entered the piano store and the guys started playing the most beautiful compositions and we just thought to ourselves ‘’Damn, they are very good. Why aren’t they famous yet?’’ We can give them a chance to get their music professionally produced and also create music which is less constructed for to the trailer industry but more for listening purpose which means the music will be often longer and more free in terms of structure and composition.
Also in general we are building a community and try to connect like minded people which we connect with through more than just the music. We ourselves have found a lot of new, great friends.

From what we can see, this is only the beginning for this project. There must be much more exciting things in store we hope?

This is only the beginning indeed. I can only say so much. 🙂